Invite photos from flickr

iNaturalist has an orphaned tool that allows you to invite photos from Flickr. Assuming you've connected your Flickr account to your iNaturalist account, this iNaturalist interface allows you to generate a comment on a Flickr photo coming from your Flickr account that includes a link that will guide the Flickr user through the process of joining iNaturalist and creating a photo from that observation.

Here's how it works:

  • First, search for a Flickr photo or photos to invite.
  • Check the photo or photos that you want to invite

  • Include a the body of the comment. Make sure you include {{INVITE_LINK}} somewhere in the comment if you want the comment to include the link.

  • Send the invites

A couple of words of warning. First, the purpose of this tool is to make it easier for you to help someone you have a relationship with join iNaturalist and create an observation from their photo. Sending them to this tutorial is probably the best way to do this. This tool makes the process a bit easier, but has the potential to come across as spammy if you use it in an unsolicited way. Be aware that this is can come across as very rude, and also can be counter productive towards goal of convincing people to join iNaturalist.

To avoid coming across as 'spammy', we recommend only using this tool on Flickr users that you have a personal relationship with and users who have expressed an interest in learning more about iNaturalist in some other context.

We also recommend including a link to this article in your comment to help Flickr users understand what will happen if they follow the link in more detail.

Lastly, this Flickr invite process uses the old observation flow which is clunky, and also requires participants to opt-in to sharing their email (which can make receiving community feedback difficult when its overlooked). For those reasons, simply pointing people to this tutorial in a manually created comment might be better advised than using this tool.

Lastly, we recommend testing this tool before using it. Here's a test photo linked to a test Flickr account you can use. You can find it by searching for 'Here's a little test image of Navarretia' in the search box step described in Step 1.

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