Import photos from Flickr

iNaturalist makes it easy to bulk import photos from Flickr and several other photo sharing sites and convert these photos into observations. To do this, first navigate to the photo importer as follows:

  • Click on "Upload" from the top menu (note: graphic out of date)
  • Under 'More Import Options' click 'Flickr, Facebook, etc.'

Then use the photo importer tool to find the Flickr photos you want to import as observations

  • You can search for or page through your Flickr photos
  • Select the ones that you want to create observations from. Remember to just select one photo per observation for now. You can add additional photos to each observation in a later step.

  • Click 'Import Photos'

Next, edit and review your observations before saving them.

  • You can expand the 'Batch operations' tool to apply changes to all observations at once
  • Or you can edit the observations individually by adding or editing the identification, date, and location. The import tool will try to automatically fill in the date from your Flickr photo. If the photo is geotagged, it will import that as the location. Additionally if your photo has tags which include the species name, it will attempt to add that. As noted, you can still manually add or change any of these.

  • You can also expand the 'Photos' section to add more photos to each observation

  • When you are finished editing the observations, click 'Save all'

You can disconnect or connect your Flickr and iNaturalist accounts from your 'Account' page. If you can't access your Flickr photos as described above, linking and unlinking Flickr as an account or as a source of photos as described below is a good thing to try first.

  • Click on 'Account' in the top menu
  • You can connect or disconnect your Flickr account as a way to log into iNaturalist
  • You can also link or unlink Flickr as a source of photos.

Note, iNaturalist also has a tool for directly inviting photos from Flickr that you can read more about here

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