Jason Hill

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I am a quantitative ecologist & conservation biologist with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies (and an Adjunct Professor at the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources at the U of Vermont). An ornithologist by training, I oversee a community scientist project (Mountain Birdwatch; https://vtecostudies.org/projects/mountains/mountain-birdwatch/). Most of my own research has been with Ammodramus, Centronyx, and Ammospiza sparrows, Upland Sandpipers and Eastern Meadowlarks, and spruce-fir montane bird species (Bicknell's Thrush, Blackpoll Warbler, etc.). As you may notice, however, from perusing my observations--I spend most of my free time searching for insects, especially beetles (Cerambycidae [long-horned beetles], Coccinellidae [lady beetles] and others) and other insects (especially Syrphidae [flower flies]). I am a complete (but enthusiastic) amateur on anything but birds, but hopefully my IDs and observations move the needle in the right direction. I follow observations in Iowa (my home state; Marshalltown!) and New Hampshire, because there are few(er) folks ID'ing observations there. When I was starting out on iNat, I was greatly encouraged by all the folks ID'ing my observations. It's got to be frustrating to be posting all kinds of great observations of biodiversity....only to have no one interacting with you on iNat. I hope that I positively influence at least a handful of folks.

Please don't hesitate to correct my identifications (thank you)!

P.S. I bought a clip-on macro lens ($18) for my Motorola smartphone and it's a game changer! Wow. Get yourself one!

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