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I love, love, LOVE exploring nature! In 2015 I started posting pictures of things I had observed in my backyard and the parks near my home. Now I'm officially iNat CRAZY! (Got the t-shirt, too, as you can see in the profile pic!)

I consider myself a generalist, but I really enjoy mothing with my fellow iNatters. I try to ID what I can, but I'm always learning and with that comes mistakes. (I don't mind being corrected, and I'm thankful to so many who take the time to explain why so I can learn from it!) I'm also a Certified Texas Master Naturalist (Cross Timbers chapter) and Volunteer Master Entomology Specialist.

My favorite iNaturalist activities are exploring the roadside fields around my city and meeting up with other iNatters to BioBlitz an area. I've participated in a few really great ones, too!
-2016 National Parks BioBlitz at the Big Thicket National Preserve (with 192 unique species in 2 days)
-2017 City Nature Challenge in Dallas/Fort Worth (with 379 unique species in 5 days)
-2018 Del Rio (South Texas) BioBlitz (with 300 unique species in 4 days)
-2018 City Nature Challenge in Dallas/Fort Worth (with 437 unique species in 4 days earning me 10th place in the world for Most Species)
-My 2018 Birthday BioBlitz was a crazy way to celebrate my birthday with my local iNat friends.
-2019 City Nature Challenge in Dallas/Fort Worth (with 542 unique species in 4 days earning me 8th place in the world for Most Species)

In April, 2017 I took a trip to Costa Rica where I did nothing but take pictures of wildlife, mostly moths. I'm still uploading those photos over two years later, but I've already identified over 527 species, AND so far 118 of those are first observations on iNaturalist. One Giant Cockroach earned me iNat's Observation of the Day, too!

My identifications (on my own observations) are "best guess" many times. I learn better by researching and putting the best ID I can come up with instead of just "Plant" or "Insect". I truly appreciate everyone who has corrected me on mistakes, and especially those who take the extra time to explain the differences! I always get a laugh when someone puts an ID on something I posted 3 years ago that I was WAAAY off on then, but know better now. Proof of learning! I try not to be so cavalier when ID'ing for others, but I am always willing to retract or correct when better info is made available.

I love to help new users learn about iNaturalist, so feel free to tag me in your observations (type @kimberlietx in the comments) or send me a message!

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