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Don't be a gatekeeper, when discussing ID's on my images or the images of others remember that not everyone is an expert in every taxon and this site is filled with amateurs just getting interested in the hobby. That being said if you are rude or simply don't understand how to properly communicate without being rude I will block you. I'm not looking for drama and it's a lot easier to cut toxic people out. That being said please do help me as well as others understand your reasoning for an ID, especially if its the maverick. Just don't say "there is no way it can be this". What help is that? Rant over.

Double M.A. in Diplomacy: International Conflict Management & World History from Norwich University. B.S. in History with a minor in Biology from Northern Michigan University. Lived in Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, and the Republic of Georgia. Avid fisherman and nature photographer and am currently trying to get more fishermen interested in inaturalist so we can bolster the fish related pages here.

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