Mariah K. Rogers

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As the Secretary and Community Science Coordinator of the Wisconsin Mycological Society (WMS) I manage our iNaturalist projects. If you have a question about those projects, or using iNaturalist, please contact me. I enjoy helping people get started.

Our most recent (2023) WMS fungi foray project is here:

To see even more fungi photos, browse here for "All WMS Projects" and click through those listed to see more :

I encourage all WMS project members to also add your observations to FunDiS - Fungal Diversity Survey project if they met the project's standards needed for identification. You can read more about those standards in a comment on this observation:
& here at FunDiS's iNaturalist project itself:

For the most part I use the "favored taxa" section for quick links for myself, for browsing. It isn't a list of what I can best identify.
If I have made an ID on your observation, it isn't an expert opinion, but I will have considered it as thoroughly as I can. If I am looking at specific sources, I will try to remember and link them in a comment.

Pictured with me is an excellent, if "captive/cultivated", specimen of Felis catus, variety Remedios. She lives indoors, but as a naturalist, she specializes in pointing out indoor bugs, observing anything that can be seen from the windows, and leading the way in her cat-vest-thing on our "walks" (most accurately, sits).

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