Zack Abbey

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I am a wildlife biologist working primarily in the Ventura, Santa Barbara and SLO Counties area. My work affords me access to some unique areas and species along the south coast.

I enjoy using iNat to share what I encounter, confirm/deny what I think I've seen, and to help keep sharp and expand my ID skills. Any help I can provide I'm glad to give, and I'm always glad to receive help from those more knowledgeable. Every time I log in I am amazed at how the community is growing and who is on here! I am pretty knowledgeable on certain species and genera, mainly the ones that I works with or search out intentionally, but by no means would I call myself an expert on any taxa, so please if you feel or know my IDs to be incorrect please feel free to tell me.

With regards to what I record and where I record it, I guess I could be classified as a gap filler. In areas where there aren't any iNat records I will tend to document more. But in areas where the community has been and there are a bunch of observations I I tend not to record. That is unless they are uncommon or of what I feel might be scientifically useful, whatever that means...I'm still trying to figure that out.

I've been asked how I get some of the photos that I post. In short, I try to take as detailed photos as possible so that a correct ID can easily be made. Sometimes that is easier said then done. To accomplish this I use (or have used) a variety of cameras and lenses including following:

DSLR Bodies
- Canon 80D
- Canon T3i

Interchangeable Lenses:
- Canon 16-35 f4L IS USM
- Canon 100mm f2.8L IS USM Macro
- Canon 55-250mm
- Canon 18-135mm IS USM
- Tamron 70-210mm f2.8 AF LD
- Tamron 28-200mm

Point and Shoot
- Canon Powershot S5 IS
- Panasonic Lumix FZ40
- Ricoh WG-4
- Ricoh WG-5

Smart Phone
- Apple iPhone 6s
- Google Pixel 2

I live in Ventura County so if you are ever in the area, let me know, I'm always down to get out there with a fellow iNatter!

My Photography Website
Flickr: Zabbey72 - a mix of bio and other photos

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