Cea Cea

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Every year I take thousands of pictures during our walks in the local woods and marches - of flowers, mushrooms, birds, insects, lichen and what not. I often struggle to understand exactly what I captured in these photos and I kept thinking about an easy, 'point-shoot-identify' way of learning about all these things. It seems that with iNaturalist I found the way :)

I am fairly n00bish in almost everything related to animals and plants and take their pictures mainly out of curiosity. I am much more interested in (and now a bit more about) fungi and lichen, though I need to learn even more about these life forms. I studied microbiology earlier in my life but it was ages ago and didn't become my profession; currently I am just a self-studying amateur.

Many thanks to the team that created and maintains this wonderful platform, and of course thanks to all of you who make it such an informative and inspiring place!

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