Christopher Stephens

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An enthusiast of New Zealand's flora and fauna, with a camera, living in Wellington but always travelling. My hierachy of likes is probably birds, geckos and skinks, then moths and butterflies, fungi, then everything else. Native orchids are also the new exciting thing since July 2020. No formal expertise.

I like the idea of people actually making use of my photos, so have licensed them openly. But wouldn't turn down financial support, ie to help take me places to take more photos to make openly available.

Looking forward to a predator free NZ, including changes to societal attitudes around cats and dogs.

Backcaptured lizards, bugs, fungi, etc to early 2018 when I bought a macro lens, with a few more from 2017 sporadically backcaptured.

Photographic wishlist 2020 results:

Photographic wishlist 2021: Rollovers: New:
  • Another 50 orchid species
  • Red Mistletoe, flowering
  • Notoreas perornata
  • South Island Lichen Moth
  • Hutton's Speargrass Weevil
  • Katipō
  • Rosy Sundew - SUCCESS 20210208:
  • a native frog

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