Zachary Chapman

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I am a Cross Timbers Texas Master Naturalist and have been a member since 2016. I am also a board member for Bee City Arlington which I joined in 2020 during the Pandemic. I graduated Tarrant County College in may of 2022. I am a Arlington Martin High School graduate of the class of 2012. I am currently enrolled at University of Texas Arlington going for communications with a focus on wildlife and nature photography and documentary work. I have been involved with a lot of different groups like the Native Prairie Society of Texas, Fort Worth Audubon Society, and even the Native Plant Society of North Texas (NPSOT).

All my life I have been a naturalist. My first love was paleontology and I began fossil hunting when I was six. From there I gained an interest in pretty much everything. Fossils are still very much one of my main focuses however, I love insects the best. I love birds, snakes, amphibians, mammals, and all manner of life including plants and fungi. I am interested in learning all I can about the planet and all the connections nature has with all the species and humans alike. I am a trailblazer and a field rat for sure. I am not much of an armchair naturalist. I feel my place has always been in the field exploring and sniffing out the good stuff.

Aside from my naturalist life I am a big science fiction, pop-culture, cartoon nerd. I love Star Trek and Jurassic Park the best. I am also a big Animaniacs fan. I am a major movie buff and have quite the geek collection going. I also collect bones and fossils; I use them in kids camps and other nature education events too.

I am just a crazy guy who loves nature and who just loves life. Life is good when you are out in nature and you have a camera in hand and you feel the wind in your hair. Adventure is a wonderful thing. Live life with your sails raised high, a good song on the radio and dare to roam. Life is too short and I choose to be a life long student of nature. When I am in nature I am in my element.

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