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Asian Common Toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus




May 21, 2015 05:00 PM CDT


Day/time/location approximate.

Finally getting around to uploading some special bugs! Back in 2015 I had the special privilege of spending the month of May in Sri Lanka through a study abroad program with Michigan State University. While the primary focus of the trip wasn't actually bugs, it was certainly my personal focus. At that point I had no idea that iNaturalist existed, but I still tried to photograph most of the critters that I encountered. Unfortunately, when I returned home and tried uploading the photos I had taken (just to social media) the sd on my phone crashed and lost almost half of my pictures. I'm still heartbroken to have lost them; I know a lost a lot of cool stuff including a tailless whipscorpion and a huge scorpion among other things. Now I can only hope to return one day. Recently I realized I could upload my old photos here and hopefully obtain some IDs and cool records for the area. Of course, wiith the loss of my sd card, I've lost the exact day/time and location of the photos.

I apologize for the quality of these photos. All I had with me was my phone camera, which was several iterations behind my current phone's. It also seems that I was a lot worse at using it back then. Current me wishes I could revisit past me and tell myself to focus and take clearer pictures with better angles, or even simply more pictures. I've left out some that were just awful, so trust me when I say I cropped, centered, and salvaged these pictures to get the best quality I could.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who helps with IDs on these! I really appreciate it!