Happy 100th Birthday, NPS!

We had a great gathering last night at National Geographic with 31 people! Thank you to everyone who came to help add identifications and even more observations from the BioBlitz.

There's still plenty to do! Invite someone else who was involved in BioBlitz to join this project and join the NPS Servicewide project for future updates (like this journal post). Then keep chipping away at the BioBlitz observations that still need ID.

Here's a link to some photos from last night's event.

Thanks to @alisongreenberg @bbot20008 @ccforbes @conniedurnan @danbeaupre @deroche @ehurme @hughmcguinness @jhammock @treegrow @krista_schlyer @lynnparsons @maggiez @moboyle @thebirdist @paulollig @suzanne11 @tblueitt @vincent12 @yolanda-v @jfrancis @audreykr @pennibear @briesmith @stella20009 who attended and @joem50 @rgauzagronert @forester93 @alliepetersen @geobudde @biogeek5 who were there in spirit!

Want to see how the parks across the country stack up in terms of observations? Check out the map of data from the NPS Servicewide Project. The iNaturalist blog has a post up about it too.

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