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Burlington Seasons Clock May 15th Update

Burlington iNaturalists,

Thank you for contributing to our phenology clock thus far! We have collectively spotted 28 of the 45 species (62%) that were chosen to be part of our clock. The newest version of our clock will continue to be posted on the Burlington Wildways website found here:

Most recently, red trillium flowers, large white trillium flowers, ostrich fern fiddleheads, ruby-crowned kinglets, and mourning cloak butterflies have been sighted and added to this year's clock. More observations of chipmunks, Canadian geese, phoebes, titmice singing, box elder bugs, and red-winged blackbirds continue to roll in.

For the end of May, continue to look for and submit observations for some of the more ephemeral species that won't last until summer like the trillium flowers and the ...more ↓

Posted on May 15, 2020 14:34 by gsexauer gsexauer | 2 comments | Leave a comment

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The 2020 Burlington Wildways Seasons Clock project attempts to track when certain species are in the City of Burlington. We encourage anyone to help find species on our list as a way of noting the changing of the seasons. You will notice that not all observations of species on the list will be included. For example, although crows can be found year round in Burlington, they only group up over ...more ↓

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