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So sitting here at home, i've had a bit of time to think about this new idea of creating a master lifelist for the house . .. and I'm obviously pretty stoked. Personally, I'm going to try my hardest to make something out of this, and thus have come up with a few cool ideas already. I hope all of you get excited too and contribute a few ideas of your own. Anyway, I've brainstormed a few ideas, this is what i've got so far:

- Since a few of us are in PBIO 109, we might as well make use of our empty plant presses and collect of few plants we find on the property. It would make for an interesting collection and, if done particularly well, could mean an awesome collage inside the house.

- If we all get really into it, we could schedule a few hours here and there together to cover a class not well-respresented in our list. One interesting idea that came to mind was to have a moth collecting night; set up a white sheet at night, light it up with a bright ...more ↓

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What's up 303? A new project has spawned recently in our residency. . .to accumulate a complete list of flora and fauna within the boundaries of our home sweet home. It aims to bring the fun of discovery back to our backyards, while encouraging a mega knowledge swap between housemates and friends. And don't you fret, a bit of healthy competition has been incorporated too. So let's all join in ...more ↓

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