iNaturalist Project Reveals American Alligator's Diverse Appetite!

Fish and Reptiles top Alligator Prey Items on iNaturalist

© Photographer: Scott Buckel | iNat Observation: 2462188

On November 19, 2020, the author finished a review of over 19,000 American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) observations uploaded to iNaturalist between April 5, 2009 and November 19, 2020. While some may have been missed, observations which depicted an American Alligator eating a prey item were added to the iNat Alligator Appetites Project. A review of the 107 observations added to the project to date, fish and reptiles nearly tied for the top prey items, with birds and mammals ...more ↓

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The American Alligator is an apex predator that will devour just about any creature that walks, crawls, swims, flies or otherwise falls into its reach. The bigger the gator, the larger the possible prey... and even cannibalism isn't out of the question.

This project is curated by an alligator enthusiast to display the diet of prey items documented by iNat observers. Add or ...more ↓

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