How to report alligator body condition in south Florida

What exactly does body condition mean? Body condition describes an animal’s overall physical health and tells us how well that animal is coping with its environment. In the case of American alligators in the Everglades, monitoring their body condition tells us how they are responding to changes in depth, timing, and flow of freshwater. Since we cannot look everywhere all the time, we are seeking the help of citizen scientists to help track alligator health throughout the Greater Everglades Ecosystem.

We use a body condition scoring system (BCS) as a simple way to assess an alligator’s body condition from a safe distance. To make it easy for citizen scientists to report skinny alligators, we have developed a body condition score (BCS) from 1 to 3, where 1 = emaciated (bad), 2 = thin (usual for Everglades alligators), and 3 = normal for their entire range (good).

Basically, alligators store energy reserves as muscle and fat, especially in the jowls and base of the ...more ↓

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Florida American alligator biologists and natural resource managers need your help!

We are receiving an increase in reports of very skinny alligators and need help from the public to better understand where and when this problem occurs. When visiting the Florida Everglades, your iNaturalist alligator observations will help us identify and document skinny or unhealthy alligators. All ...more ↓

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