A Walk in the Woods with Amphibians by Amy Yahnke, PhD

Amy Yahnke, Senior Ecologist at the Department of Ecology, has brought her incredible knowledge base about amphibians to our February Amphibian Monitoring training at Camp Long as well as to the Hazel Wolf Wetlands monitoring team! Below is an account of her experience with Amphibian Monitoring, including some fantastic in-depth info on some of the amphibians her team encountered.

After spending eight years studying amphibians for my graduate work, I still have dreams about being in the field searching for amphibians. I always wake up from those dreams missing that feeling of standing in a wetland in my chest waders and spotting a pair of ranid eyes watching me from just above the water surface. I was excited to join the Woodland Park Zoo Amphibian Monitoring Project and get a chance to be in the field searching for amphibians again. Volunteer amphibian monitoring is great fun plus it allows members of our community the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to ...more ↓

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Your wild amphibian observations support research, planning, and conservation. Complete a training (see Terms & Rules), then accept your invitation to participate in this project.
Together, we'll document native and non-native amphibian distribution and habitat use in Washington state. Observations will be reviewed and vetted by amphibian experts. Long-term participation could help us ...more ↓

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