Meet Chris Anderson, WDFW Wildlife Biologist and Amphibians of Washington curator!

Hello! Please enjoy reading more about one of our curators: Chris Anderson, WDFW Wildlife Biologist (most of you met him at our February training):

Chris Anderson District Wildlife Biologist King Co.; Project team member of WDFW-Woodland Park Zoo Amphibian Project; now the Amphibians of Washington iNaturalist Project.

Grew up chasing frogs and watersnakes; rat snakes and box turtles in the Midwest and Plains. Got interested in herps professionally working on amphibian use surveys of mitigation ponds (diary) but never took off...alas, birds called...chirped to me - academically in specialization... But herps are darn cool so got back into it with enthusiasts, peers and coworkers now all interested in what is around us...what can we do...what can we learn and discover for ourselves and all...quite a bit as a team! I have worked with herps in WA for land use due diligence management in the private sector and at WDFW; in general survey and with cities and counties ...more ↓

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Your wild amphibian observations support research, planning, and conservation. Complete a training (see Terms & Rules), then accept your invitation to participate in this project.
Together, we'll document native and non-native amphibian distribution and habitat use in Washington state. Observations will be reviewed and vetted by amphibian experts. Long-term participation could help us ...more ↓

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