Some architecture

Some interesting architecture:

The brutalist bunker of Pseudomasaris (a pollen wasp), in Canada:

The concentric circle temple of Pheidole sykesii (an ant), in India:

The undulating pipes of Trypoxylon politum (the Organ-pipe mud dauber wasp), in the US:

This mysterious little tubular fort, hanging from a leaf, in Costa Rica; also a Mud-dauber?

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-Unintentional art made by arthropods and photographed by humans-

Our artists work with a great variety of media and are mostly abstract: paper and silk, clay and found objects, and excrement; they weave, spin, daub, tunnel and mine. They arrange eggs into neat little rows and arresting patterns. They cause plants to form growths and galls of strange shapes and colors and leave the ...more ↓

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