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FINAL weekend for 2021 Backyard Bumble Bee Count! Bee-utiful weekend to count bumble bees!

Wow- thank you for all your records submitted thus far! We are entering the last weekend of the count- please keep your amazing observations coming!

Totals so far for 2021 count:
339 observations
20 species
49 observers

A special thank you to our top 5 contributors so far:
1) kesidles
2) cathyph
3) figaro
4) tam_smith
5) agentkimmers

Do the Olympics have you in the competitive spirit? Want to see where YOU rank on the "leader board" for the year so far? On the project homepage, click on people (green box on left), click on filters (gray box near top of page), and add date range July 23, 2021 through today (date observed)!

*Reminder: you can submit your observations after the count is over, but only records from July 23-August 1 will be included

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Join us for the 3rd Annual Backyard Bumble Bee Count! Each bumble bee record submitted during the Backyard Bumble Bee Count helps researchers learn more about how bumble bees are doing and how to protect them and the environment we share. All observations collected July 23- August 1 will be included. For more information, including instructions, go to: ...more ↓

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