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Last day for Backyard Bumble Bee Count 2022!

Thank you for all your incredible records submitted thus far! Today is the last day already!

Totals so far for 2022 count:
642 observations
19 species (including rusty patched bumble bee!)
70 observers

*Reminder: you can submit your observations after the count is over, but only records from July 23-August 1 will be included

Posted on August 01, 2022 16:04 by jutrup jutrup | 0 comments | Leave a comment
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Join us for the 4th Annual Backyard Bumble Bee Count! Each bumble bee record submitted during the Backyard Bumble Bee Count helps researchers learn more about how bumble bees are doing and how to protect them and the environment we share. All observations collected July 23- August 1 will be included. For more information, including instructions, go to: ...more ↓

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