An alternate way to explore the bees concentrating nectar project observations

Here is a taxonomically organized list of species in this project to make it easier to explore the included bee species. It should be viewed as a complementary alternative to the relatively clunky iNaturalist project interface. This list represents a snapshot of observations, and new lists will need to be generated as observations continue to be added to the project.

This list was created using a custom script written by zportman using the pyinaturalist package. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve, please let me know.

Epifamily Anthophila 2000 observations ( ...more ↓

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This is a project that compiles observations of bees concentrating nectar with their mouthparts (also known as "bubbling"). Limited to pictures where a nectar bubble is clearly visible.

It is meant to help with a research project conducted by myself and Dr. John Ascher. By compiling lots of different observations, this will document how widespread this behavior is and provide clues ...more ↓

zportman created this project on October 08, 2020
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