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hi, fellow Belgian friends of nature,

I'm posting this in English instead of Flemish so i don't exclude our French and German speaking members.
i started this project a few years ago when this app/site was still rather unknown. There wasn't a project for the biodiversity of Belgium, so i decided to start one myself. i added some of my own observations and lost track of this site.

yesterday i opened this project for the first time in about 3 years and to my surprise saw this had become a very busy and beautiful collection of thousands of species and more than 15000 observations, and more than 250 members.

thanks to every single one of you!

i believe we could make this into a scientifically significant dataset for enthousiasts and academics alike.
This could be a place where we can help and learn from one another.

However, i can't do this alone. Who wants to help verifying and confirming/correcting determinations and look for ...more ↓

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let's find out how many different species of wild flora and fauna we can find in our small country.

jimbohoffman created this project on January 05, 2017
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