Final project presentation schedule and Homework #9 & #10

The last two homeworks: Homework #9 &
Homework #10 are posted. Both are due May 6th. The link to the observations needed in Homework #9 is here.

Also, here's the schedule for Final Presentations. So far everyone has their first choice. If you're not on this list it either means you didn't turn in Homework #8 or I accidentally overlooked you. In either case - contact me ASAP so we can make sure your on track with your final project!

04/29/14 11:00:00 AM marceairene, sierranicole
04/29/14 11:15:00 AM dlimandri, guiltyascharge
04/29/14 11:30:00 AM kat14, zoozannah
04/29/14 11:45:00 PM ruby_v
04/29/14 12:00:00 PM smvance70
04/29/14 12:15:00 PM audrey

05/01/14 11:00:00 AM gabbyp
05/01/14 11:15:00 AM sgoldthang
05/01/14 11:30:00 AM marisa
05/01/14 11:45:00 AM bstudent
05/01/14 12:00:00 PM lugefool
05/01/14 12:15:00 PM pdurr

05/06/14 11:00:00 AM ajcruik
05/06/14 11:15:00 AM jihyunan
05/06/14 11:30:00 AM nfs
05/06/14 11:45:00 AM rtdecca
05/06/14 12:00:00 PM jameskong
05/06/14 12:15:00 PM nataliemarisa
05/06/14 12:30:00 PM megeck

05/08/14 11:00:00 AM turmiyah
05/08/14 11:15:00 AM bburs
05/08/14 11:30:00 AM jrpscott
05/08/14 11:45:00 AM jaish24
05/08/14 12:00:00 PM kerby365, e_michael, dross
05/08/14 12:15:00 PM rwilliams
05/08/14 12:30:00 PM evamar

Field Trip Thursday before class 9am East Bay

Posted by loarie loarie, April 22, 2014 16:09


Hi Professor. I am trying to access the homework links (#9 and #10), but it says that they are disabled. I hope it's not an issue with my computer. Could you please send out a new link to view the directions for the assignments due tomorrow? Thank you.

Posted by gabbyp over 7 years ago (Flag)

Weird - thanks for noticing that Gabby, I've never seen Dropbox disable links before. They're back up now

Posted by loarie over 7 years ago (Flag)

Hi Profe,
I am having the same issue, when I open the drop box links i get an error message that says "they went missing"
Could you repost the HWs or somehow get them back online?

Posted by guiltyascharged over 7 years ago (Flag)

Hi Charlie, they work for me since I fixed them - have you tried in the last 2 hours?

Posted by loarie over 7 years ago (Flag)

Yes... I just tried again and they still dont work.

Posted by guiltyascharged over 7 years ago (Flag)

Thank you Professor! The links work now.

Posted by gabbyp over 7 years ago (Flag)

Great - I've extended the due date on these to this Thursday (May 8) let me know if you see any other Dropbox issues

Posted by loarie over 7 years ago (Flag)

Thank you! The extension is extremely helpful and appreciated. I will definitely let you know if I do see any issues.

Posted by gabbyp over 7 years ago (Flag)

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