End of class

Thanks for everyone for presenting your final projects! Email me your write up and slides if you haven't already. Also - Homeworks #9 & #10 DUE TODAY if you want full credit.

You guys have until TUESDAY MAY 13th to make up anything you've missed before I have to process and submit grades - so MAKE UP HOMEWORK if you haven't already for up to 1/2 credit. There was a dropbox security leak that inactivated the links where the homework was, but I relinked to them from the syllabus so you can find them there.

If you have any questions about end of class logistics please contact me sooner than later!

Posted by loarie loarie, May 08, 2014 23:42


Hi Professor,

What do we need to submit to you for the write up? I wasn't aware that we needed to submit one.


Posted by turmiyah over 7 years ago (Flag)

just a brief summary of your project several pages long.

Posted by loarie over 7 years ago (Flag)

Could I get that to you by Tuesday? I'm really busy with my thesis!

Posted by turmiyah over 7 years ago (Flag)

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