June 08, 2021


The Bette Davis Micro-Forest project is now underway. We will be using this iNaturalist project to keep track of the kinds of wildlife we see interacting with the forest.

You are encouraged to submit observations of insects, birds, mammals, or any other form of wildlife you witness interacting within the footprint of the forest. Perhaps you observe birds stopping to rest on the branch of a young oak sapling, or maybe you see pests, such as aphids (or their natural predators like ladybug larvae) on the leaves of some of the young shrubs. No observation is too small!

Please note that the protective fencing installed around the forest may limit your observations by barring larger animals like coyotes from entering. Once the plants are established after the two-year maintenance period, the fencing will be removed and you will be encouraged to continue making observations as the forest matures.

Good luck!

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