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This summer we challenged Angelenos to help us add 5,000 photos to our citizen science program through a project we called BioBlitz L.A.

Now that the project is over we want to acknowledge the many people whose participation helped us achieve over 11,300 observations. Our team of over 400 citizen scientists blew our original goal of 5,000 submissions out of the water! Thank You‬!

All of our citizen scientists are valued, but we want to give a special shout out to our top contributors.

  1. Cedric Lee: 3,229 observations ‪- phenomenal‬
  2. James Bailey: 1,768 observations ‪- incredible‬
  3. Jesse Rorabaugh: 834 observations ‪- outstanding‬
  4. Rebecca: 561 observations ‪- ‎amazing‬
  5. Jon Sullivan: 444 observations ‪- ‎fantastic‬
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The Natural History Museum is kicking off BioBlitz LA starting first thing June 27 through midnight Aug 31. We're hoping to get 10,000 new observations through the project, so we really need your help. Take pictures of any tree, flower, bug, or bird--literally any wildlife you can find. It will help us better understand the nature of Los Angeles!

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