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Odonata Update

Hi everyone,

One focus of this year's San Benito County Biodiversity Big Year is to document species heretofore unrecorded in iNaturalist for San Benito County. Additionally, I have assigned myself the goal of finding more Odonates (Dragonflies and Damselflies) than last year's total of 29. That may seem like a lot of species for a county in this part of the state, but I've spent more than a decade chasing Odes in this county, and I was embarrassed to have missed so many species in 2016 that I've seen here in previous years.

The good news is that with the recent observation of a Wandering Glider, species #30, we've now topped last year's number. And not only that, but we added three species not previously recorded in iNat for the county: Arroyo Bluet, Gray Sanddragon, and White-belted Ringtail.

But let's not stop now! There may be some low-hanging fruit still out there to be observed this year. Spot-winged Glider could be seen just about ...more ↓

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Let's work together to celebrate, learn, and document the biodiversity of San Benito County, California. This is an all taxa, all year effort to learn about endemics to the California Floristic Province, discover ecological connections, learn about conservation opportunities, and generally celebrate what makes this part of the central Coast Ranges a special place.

This year ...more ↓

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