April 12th Update

Clarifying what all is still needed for the Project....which is mostly for me to get off my ass and get more observations, because I am the one furthest behind. That said, here is what we still need:

Aquatic Microscopic Observations: Currently have 2, need 8 more. Note: The rotifer specimen doesn't count towards this as these all need to be protists.

Insect Observations: We need two more orders of insects represented in our observations. We currently have species from the Orders Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps), Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Moths), Orthoptera (Crickets), and Blattodea (Cockroaches, Termites). Other orders to look for is Coleoptera (Beetles), Diptera (Flies), Hemiptera (Cicadas, Aphids) and Odonata (Dragonflies).

All other groups meet the number and diversity requirements and we have met the overall number of research grade observations. The only other thing we might want to do is make sure to have descriptions/notes on our observations.

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