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This spring, my sister Donna joined the Bogus Run Corridor Project in earnest – so far she’s been concentrating on documenting birds; but also insects and amphibians. She’s already contributed some interesting observations and some really outstanding photos. She recently got several beautiful photos using her new telephoto while standing in a few inches of water at Lena Park Marsh – an experience she says she likes because, “no ticks!”. That’s a pretty good reason.

At dinner a couple of days ago she asked me for my thoughts on what kinds of observations are appropriate to post, especially if the species has previously been documented to the project. What to leave in, and what to leave out – it’s a question that never goes away, but it’s certainly worth thinking about.

To me, the iNaturalist platform seems best used as a notebook or journal. The design makes it easy to capture and preserve observations in an orderly and credible way. When posting ...more ↓

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To build an orderly, usable and attractive overview of some of the highlights of the flora and fauna in the Bogus Run corridor in Starke Co. Indiana.

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