Seeking South Burlington sightings!

In 2018, the Tracking Project is officially expanding to include South Burlington. Sightings will be gathered through this same project page, so that we can see where the mammals are on either side of the municipal boundaries. If you live in or travel through South Burlington, be sure to add your sightings to the map! We are also looking for focal trackers to "adopt" a tracking site in South Burlington and visit it after major snowfall events from Jan-April 2018.

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Welcome to the Burlington Mammal Tracking Project, started in Winter 2016.

This project aims to map wildlife travel throughout the City of Burlington and at its boundaries, as a follow-up to the "Where the Wild Things Are" study* led by Alicia Daniel and Mark Ward 15 years ago. This data will be compiled into a map and report to inform management of open space, with the goal of ...more ↓

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