Sierra Nevada Challenge 2019: Updates!

We have 33 new plant-pollinator visitation interactions at the plant genus : visitor order taxonomic level! Here I am sharing an interaction network diagram; it's like a map of the plants and pollinators that interact with one another. The plants are on the left side and the (potential) pollinators are on the right. If there is a grey line between them, that means that they interact! You might notice that those grey lines are different widths or thicknesses; this means something! The wider the interaction line, the more times that type of interaction has been observed. Check out what your data made: network plot july 25 2019 sierra challenge
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READ FIRST: BE SURE TO SUBMIT TWO OBSERVATIONS FOR EACH INTERACTION YOU OBSERVE, ONE FOR THE PLANT ID AND ONE FOR THE POLLINATOR ID!!!! Exception: If you observe multiple pollinators on the same plant at one time, you may submit just one observation for the plant and then one observation per pollinator, and use the same linking key for all of them.

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