Cannibalism and Odonates

Cannibalism is predation between members of the same species, not between different members of the same Order.
It's something well-known for larvae. But there are very few records, papers or documents about cannibalism between adults or imagos.
For now 4 years I'm trying to build data about this topic : this behaviour is very rare for Anisoptera or, at least, very rarely recorded and documented. I only know 4 cases.
It's better documented for Zygoptera : my data show 26 species involved, with 2 dominant genus : Ischnura and Ceriagrion.
It would be interesting to add more data, more species. To know the triggers of this behaviour, to know if the high density of a population in a location, the rarity of other odonates or of preys are satisfactory explanations.
To know the evolutive stage of both implicated individuals ; teneral, young, mature.
To know why the intra specific recognition is sometimes not done.

Is that only an opportunistic behavior ...more ↓

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This project is to find evidence, preferably documented, about cannibalism between adults Zygoptera or Anisoptera (not larvae) ; intraspecific predation exclusively, members of the same species. That’s to say I. elegans eating I. elegans, or O. sabina eating O. sabina. Not I. senegalensis eating an agriocnemis or O. sabina eating B. contaminata.

There are very few cases in the ...more ↓

highston created this project on May 16, 2024
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