Expansion of Project Area & Project Name Change

As of this morning, Caterpillars of the Eastern US is now Caterpillars of Eastern North America. I have expanded the project parameters to include Canada's eastern provinces, which is more in line with my original intent (see discussion here). I will also be adding eastern Mexico sometime in the next few weeks.

We will need to work through the backlog of past observations for these provinces as we originally did for each of the project states, and I propose that we work at it in the same way, with people volunteering to work through all observations of Lepidoptera for individual provinces. To aid in this process, I will create and post below links to Identify pages, filtered for each province. If you claim a province, please post a comment stating your intention, review all Lepidoptera observations, and add to the project (as well as adding the "life stage = larva" ...more ↓

Posted on September 03, 2017 03:56 PM by eraskin eraskin | 22 comments | Leave a comment
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The goal of this project is to collect observations of caterpillars from Eastern North America, as there is no way to filter observations of caterpillars taxonomically or with other iNaturalist search tools. I hope that this project will eventually become something of a go-to source for caterpillar information, with a repository of photos and locations, and that it will attract a group of ...more ↓

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