Christies Beach, South Australia's Journal

July 27, 2019

200 observations in and 80 species ID'd

We passed a milestone for the project today as we shot past 200 observations. We're off to a good start, considering at this point in time there are only 3 contributors! The inshore reef between Whitten Bluff (check spelling) and Christies Beach proper has been the main focus to date, as the 300 metre swim out to Horsehoe Reef makes it an extra effort to get out there (especially in winter). The project now has 80 species identified, and is taking shape nicely. Two of my greatest pleasures from this project so far have been the frequency of southern eagle ray sightings in shallow water, and a chance sighting of our yet-to-be-described Lace bottletail (a bobtail squid).

People are welcome to submit photos of beachcast organisms, and if the Aldinga project is anything to go by, beach wrack along can contribute hundreds of species over time. I'm looking forward to watching this project grow as we add detail to our growing picture of this often overlooked project area.

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