A fantastic finish

Thanks to everyone who participated in the City Nature Challenge! We blew past 2,000 observations and are on our way to identifying 400 different species living with us along the Wasatch Front.

As of this morning, the nationwide City Nature Challenge are impressive: 108,020 observations, 7844 species, 3890 people. We have until 9:00 am on Saturday (4/22) to upload and identify observations for the "final" national tally. So go ahead and upload any observations you haven't gotten around to posting yet and help us make identifications. The more observations we get ID'd, the higher our species count.

If you want to help ID but you're new to making identifications, please head to the Getting Started page and click on the "Identifying Observations" tab to learn about how to make the most helpful IDs. http://www.inaturalist.org/pages/getting+started

We'll be notifying our local prize winners via iNaturalist's message function in the coming days. Remember, if you made ten or more distinct observations, you're eligible for a free admission to the Natural History Museum of Utah. Check back here for the announcement of our grand prize winners as well.

What an amazing five days of exploring the natural world! Thank you!

Posted by lcthompson lcthompson, April 19, 2017 14:46


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