End of Challenge Day # 3

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True Story. Back when the Northern Rocky Mountain Challenge Trophy was but a twinkle in the eyes of the Bonner County, Boise and Red Lodge organizers, this meme was floating around. We joked that the loser(s) would have to concede “defeat” by using a catfish filter on Zoom. Idaho was pretty confident that Montana would continue talking catfish! 😊

No joke. Red Lodge has shown up. Here are the updated totals:
Bonner County: 1,044 Observations, 301 Species and 41 Observers.
Boise: 2,002 Observations, 437 Species and 108 Observers.
Red Lodge: 229 Observations, 122 Species and 24 Observers.


The good news. Bonner County added 12 Observers, and 312 Observations today. That’s impressive! We now have over 1,000 Observations in a 4 day period. (To put that in perspective, prior to the CNCBC, Bonner County had 3,919 Observations over several Years.)


The bad news. There is only one more day of the CNC, and that last day, tomorrow, is a working day (Monday). It’s the 4th Quarter and we’re probably going to need to put another 50 Observers on the board to match Red Lodge. It’s not impossible, but we’ll need to spread the word and encourage a BUNCH of others to join, and add at least one observation.

Remember: You don’t need to be a resident of Bonner County. You just need to be IN Bonner County for your observation to count in the CNCBC. Please Share this post with your friends and family! We…really…do need your 5th cousin from Fargo to participate! It’s just this EASY:


“Win” or “Lose”. It’s been a wonderful experience! Thanks to all the folks who have participated so far!!


The Day 3 CNCBC Trophy goes to…(man it was close!)…susanbh. Congratulations! She just so happens to be atop the Most Species leaderboard as well. Will she stay there and win the CNCBC 2021 Champ Trophy?


Challenge Day #4 CNCBC 2021 Trophy. No more Sassy Clues: She’ll be at Riley Creek campground until 6:30 PM tomorrow, MONDAY 5/3. First one to find her -and- have 20 unique species wins it. After 6:30 PM, Sassy will finally be able to rest at her home, the WaterLife Discover Center in Sagle, until Monday, May 10. On that day, she’ll be at the East Bonner County Library for the Facebook Live Event at 4:00 PM.

To qualify to win the last CNCBC 2021 Trophy, send an email with CNCBC 2021 in the Subject line to cncbonnercounty@gmail.com as soon as you’ve made an observation of Sassy and 20 different organisms. Include your name, your iNaturalist user name, and contact information in the body of the email.


Good Luck finding Sassy, and happy iNatting!

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