Transcript from the CNCBC Awards Presentation Facebook Live Event

Introduction (Mike Bauer)

A primary aim of the City Nature Challenges is to increase the number of people using the app and making observations. Did the CNCBC make a difference?

Bonner County (final totals):
-CNCBC Totals: 1,308 Observations of 356 Species made by 58 Observers
-Pre-CNCBC Bonner County Totals: 3,919 observations of 1,078 species made by 463 observers
-New Bonner County Totals: 5,329 observations of 1,188 species made by 505 observers

This represents a 24.5% increase in Observations, a 29.9% increase in Species identified, and 11.5% increase in Observers. So, definitely: the CNCBC had a BIG effect.

  • Similar increases were seen at the Boise and Red Lodge, MT challenges.
== Local Sasquatch Trophies (Patrick Meyers) There were 2 kinds of trophies created for the CNCBC: 1) CNCBC Champ 2021: Awarded to the person who made the most unique observations/identified the Most Species. 2) CNCBC 2021: Awarded to the people who found Sassy First and made 20 unique observations. The trophies go to participants who are not part of the organizational team. A special thank you goes out to Chad Butherus of Hard Art Studios for making them, and donating the “CNCBC Champ 2021” trophy. And to the Pend Oreille Chapter of the Idaho Master Naturalists for donating the smaller “CNCBC 2021” trophies. CNCBC Champ 2021:
  • Susan Bates-Harbuck (susanbh) – 76
CNCBC 2021:
  • Day 1 (American Heritage Wildlife Foundation): Idaho_Tom – Tom Bokowy
  • Day 2 (Round Lake State Park): No one found her*
  • Day 3 (Mickinnick Trail Head): susanbh – Susan Bates-Harbuck
  • Day 4 – (Riley Creek, Laclede): No one found her*
*Since no one found Sassy on Day 2 and Day 4, these two unclaimed CNCBC 2021 Trophies are being awarded to the two people, not part of the organizer team, that had the next most number of species identifications. Sheri Gaines (slgaines): 61 species Patty Campitelli (pattycampitelli): 39 species Winners of the CNCBC Trophies can pick them up at the East Bonner County Library on or before Saturday, 5/15 at 10:00 AM. == Northern Rocky Mountain Challenge Trophy (George Gehrig) -Regional Competition Between Bonner County, Boise and Red Lodge, MT The trophy was created by Mick Thompson and Alanna Anderson of Back Alley Metals in Red Lodge, MT. Magnets were made representing the mascots of each site so they can be moved in succeeding years. Additional magnets will be made in case other sites would like to participate in the future. It is being awarded to the site that was able to get the most people to participate per capita (making at least one observation), and it will be kept until next year’s City Nature Challenge. Here are the results: 1st Place: Red Lodge, MT – 0.26% (28/10,725) 2nd Place: Bonner County – 0.13% (58/45,739) 3rd Place: Boise Area – 0.05% (126/242,160) Congrats Courtney and your wonderful team! Enjoy that trophy while you can! 😉 It’s coming to Bonner County next year! It’s been a real pleasure collaborating with you, and Kristin Gnojewski and her super talented team in Boise. == Future Bioblitzes and Thank You (Preston Andrews) Stay tuned: There will be another bioblitz in the fall: North Idaho Bioblitz: Fall 2021. The goal between now and the CNCBC Bonner County 2022 is to:
  • inspire other North Idaho counties to start their own challenges for 2022 (we’re here to help!), and
  • get 2,022 Bonner County iNaturalist users signed up and skilled at making observations. It’s a big goal, but that would still only represent 4.4% of the population of the county.
Thank You to all who participated, and to the partnering organizations: East Bonner County Library, Pend Oreille Chapter of the Idaho Master Naturalists, Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society, Idaho Fish and Game, IDAH2O, University of Idaho Extension, Kaniksu Land Trust, Kalispel Tribe, Selkirk Alliance for Science, and Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness. == Extra: Here are some Canadian cities that participated, and who we will be looking to collaborate with next year:


And, maybe, we’ll be able to get a Sister City in New Zealand to join the fun!
Dunedin, New Zealand: 1,398

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