What an Awesome Weekend!

Thank you! Thank you for all of your hard work taking pictures and identifying the beautiful nature that surrounds us! I couldn't be happier for our first CNC. I looked at the Wichita Falls count and it looks like they beat us by about 400 observations but they had 3 times the number of observers, so I'm still calling it a win!

Posted by thecrabguy thecrabguy, May 04, 2021 13:40



We have a week to upload right? Don’t give up!

Posted by jeandotson 13 days ago (Flag)

We have four days counting today to identify. You're right, Jean--it's a win!!!

Posted by lauren-clark 13 days ago (Flag)

Good night, Jean! You are an army! How many hours did it take to do 250 observations? My goal is to do half of what you did next year!

Posted by lauren-clark 12 days ago (Flag)

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