Name Change, Flowering and upcoming survey

Hello members,
This is a quick note to say that we settled on a new name for the Patch and therefore have updated this project. The new name is Clyde Bee & Butterfly Patch. There is a charming new name sign up at the site, as well. I hope you will be by to see it soon, again or for the first time.

Many new plants have been planted since May although their growth rate is slow due in part to poor soil and the number in flower remains low. Last time I was there, July 2nd, plants flowering, as I recall, were one goldenrod, one wild columbine, 3 yarrow (Achillea millefolium), staghorn sumac, birdsfoot trefoil, two shrubby cinquefoils, common mugwort, perforate St. John's wort, and one tiny silverleaf cinquefoil.

Our formal survey of pollinators will start soon. I am just finishing up the instructions and spreadsheets and will give a training session to the observers once they are ready.

I hope you are having a great summer!


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To document the plants, insects and other life forms observed within the confines of a small area on Clyde Avenue near the corner of Castle Hill Crescent, Ottawa. This area is starting out as uncultivated roadside right of way. A group of neighbours is aiming to improve its ability to support pollinators by adding plants that offer pollinators food sources throughout the season, and by ...more ↓

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