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Hi everyone! Thank you for sending all the bobcat sightings and for continuing to keep an eye out! It's much appreciated! A note on a few observations: When reporting an observation on the computer, make sure to click the map where the sighting occurred. This automatically generates coordinates for our database and saves us a lot of time! It's also possible to edit your observation and add it your location or edit the location if you submitted a sighting without a location on the map or the location on the map is off from where the sighting occurred. Thanks again for all your help!

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Connecticut DEEP Wildlife Division has an ongoing bobcat project to determine habitat use for bobcats within the state of Connecticut. In addition, data from the project will be used to determine the abundance and population range of bobcats in the state. This is where you all come in! We cannot be everywhere in the state, so getting information on where people are observing bobcats would be ...more ↓

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