Tips on making great Canada Jay observations!

Here are a few tips on how to collect the most useful Canada Jay data possible.

How to read color bands:

Look at the plastic rings on the feet, and tell us the colors you see for each leg. Start with the top band (the one closest to the body), and then read the bottom (closer to foot) band. Each Canada Jay has one silver-colored, metal band on the bottom of its left leg, which you can report as "S". Check out our visual guide!

Gray Jay Band Guide L

Where to find color-banded Canada Jays:

You can find color-banded Canada Jays anywhere between Denali's entrance and mile marker 4 on the park road. We frequently see Canada Jays on front country trails, in forested areas, around the ...more ↓

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The Canada Jay is one of the most visible and charismatic resident birds of Denali National Park and Preserve.
The National Park Service recently began studying the ecology of Canada Jays to determine how changes in habitat and food availability might impact the health of jays in the park.

As part of our research, we have banded Canada Jays with unique combinations of ...more ↓

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