Aggregator turned off... Slow speeds due to these on iNat. Here's a better way to address the DFW Carnivores!

Hey all,

Based on this journal post:
We've turned off the automatic aggregator for this project. The project still exists, the observations made are still a part of the project, but we'll only aggregate after longer periods of time (by manually selecting this option) to add more observations.

In the meantime, since this is addressing a taxon and a place, the explore feature is a better way to examine the data (and better for iNat as a whole).

Here are the carnivores of DFW using the explore function:

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The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding of the presence and distribution of mammalian carnivores throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For this project, we are interested in observations (including tracks, scat, carcasses, etc.) of rare/secretive wild mesocarnivores (medium-to-large sized carnivores) found in north Texas.
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