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Thanks for joining the project, and for taking seadragon photos and uploading them here. One of the aims of this project is to identify individual seadragons over space and time, using recognisable markers on the head and body. It is an extension of a pilot project undertaken by divers in SA in 2013-14, for which the results will be available soon, as a report, and as a educational poster in public / social media. The pilot project was voluntarily extended to 2016+ on an opportunistic basis, so that we could learn more about the fate of individual seadragons over time. It is also an extension of the original Dragon Search program in southern Australia, upon which some of use here in SA worked intermittently for 10 years. Visual databases and mapping programs such as iNaturalist are a more collaborative and engaging way for divers to log their sightings, compared with the paper form and web-based form, used in the original program during the 1990s and ...more ↓

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This is a private project page, for divers to add images of seadragons photographed at specific locations in South Australia.

Specific coordinates of the image data will be available to the individual photographers (as co-curators); the project administrator (J. Baker, who worked on the DragonSearch program in southern Australia for 10 years), and Natural Resources - Adelaide and Mt ...more ↓

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