Flying High, Early Flyers!

Yesterday's simply stunning weather made it an absolutely amazing day for Early Flyer observations. In a single day, the number of sightings for this Data Quest tripled from what it was on Friday. Thank you all so much for all of your hard work!

Of the 10 Early Flyer species, 5 have been spotted so far. We're halfway there!

Here are some very special shout-outs to the observers who recorded the first of each species yesterday:
@mmulqueen for the first Bumble Bee and the yesterday's first Early Flyer observation
@fluxus for the first and only Mourning Cloak yesterday
@marc_albert for the first Eastern Tent Caterpillar
and @leashell for the first Gypsy Moth

Thank you also to @leashell and @leashellshusband for submitting the most Early Flyer observations yesterday.

Today is starting out a bit gray and a little rainy in some areas, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Early Flyers. We're still missing Pug Moths, Canadian Tiger Swallowtails, Half-Wings, Red Admirals, and American Ladies.

In overall Boston City Nature Challenge news, we're in eighth place in terms of observations, but out of all the cities in the world, we have the third highest number of observers! Awesome work everybody!

We still have today and tomorrow to uphold and improve our rankings, so go out there and keep submitting those photos!

Posted by h_stewart h_stewart, April 29, 2018 13:38



Thanks @h_stewart , I did spot another bumble bee today but I couldn't get a shot of it. Just put my camera away because of the rain! Good luck everyone

Posted by mmulqueen about 3 years ago (Flag)

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