The Final Push!

Though the weather was spotty yesterday with some passing rainstorms, CNC participants were still out BioBlitzing! Even with the rain, participants made 3,264 observations of 617 species!

Yesterday was very interesting in that only Common Eastern Bumble Bees were observed in the 9 observations. Fun fact: This bumble bee is very adaptable and can, therefore, live in country, suburbs and even urban cities! No wonder we saw them observed in Boston and all the way out to Sharon, MA!

Of the observations made yesterday, 8 out of 9 have already reached research grade! All in the course of 24 hours or less! Keep up the good work City Nature Challenge participants!

For the last day of the City Nature Challenge, keep an eye out for those 5 species of Early Flyers that haven’t been spotted yet: Pug Moths, Canadian Tiger Swallowtails, Half-Wings, Red Admirals, and American Ladies.

Now for some general City Nature Challenge updates: Boston is currently in 9th place, less than a thousand observations behind Houston. So don’t the let the dreary weather today keep us down. Keep observing and keep posting! Also, don’t forget to keep identifying observations May 1st to the 3rd!

Keep up the good work, everyone! Let’s make sure Boston stays in the top 10 of this competition!


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