Plants possibly extinct in the Eastern Cape (& to be resurrected)

Plants that are possibly extinct in the Eastern Cape, and those that have yet to be resurrected from extinction.

When exhaustive surveys in known and/or expected habitats at appropriate times throughout a species' historic range fail to record an individual, the species is presumed to be extinct. To be declared extinct, a species must have no reasonable doubt that its last individual has died. The species that are presumed to be extinct and those that are listed as extinct are listed below. As stated in each species' rationale below, recommendations were made for each species to be thoroughly searched before such a conclusion is made; additionally, those listed as Extinct (EX) have reached the time limit for their search (50 years), but this does not mean that they cannot be resurrected from extinction!

Users of iNaturalist in the Eastern Cape, as well as visitors, are therefore encouraged to look for the following plant species, which are currently listed as ...more ↓

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These will of course be pictures, illustrations, skins.

Please check copyright before using them!

Please add information about the species, especially how they became extinct.

There are many extinct species. This is to do tribute to them.

Those that would never had made it onto iNaturalist except by some quirk of fate.

This may include species ...more ↓

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