Hello nature seekers! The search is on! Remember that our search area is restricted to King County and we are looking for Pacific Northwest trees. Here's a list of the approved species for the project. Be safe and have fun!

Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir)
Genus Cornus (Dogwoods)
Genus Prunus (Plums, Cherries, and Allies)
Genus Sequoia (Redwood)
Genus Taxus (Yews)
Genus Pinus (Pines)
Genus Populus (Poplars, Cottonwoods, and Aspens)
Genus Juniperus (Junipers)
Genus Acer (Maples)
Genus Quercus (Oaks)
Genus Thuja (Whitecedars)
Genus Tsuga (Hemlocks)
Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir)
Genus Pseudotsuga (Douglas-Firs)
Genus Gleditsia
Genus Sorbus (Rowans, Service-trees, and Whitebeams)
Order Laurales (Laurels, Spicebushes, and Allies)
Genus Umbellularia
Genus Betula (Birches)
Genus Castanea (Chestnuts)
Genus Cupressus (Cypresses)
Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Redcedar)
Genus ...more ↓

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Here in the Evergreen State, we have big trees. Really big trees! Legendary trees! Alders, maples, pines, cedars, and of course, firs! These trees are not only a part of our eco-system but are woven into the cultures of the people who reside in our state. From January 21 through February 21, 2021, we celebrate our big trees with a quest to count our glorious providers of shade and ...more ↓

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