1000 observations!

In just four and a half months, 1000 observations have been contributed to the project by 332 different observers, an awesome achievement highlighting the incredible value of iNaturalist as an ecological database. We also recently hit 100 project members (currently 107).

I have to admit that checking the project has become a daily ritual for me when I wake up; I'm always keen to see the amazing new species that people have uploaded each day, and I'm sure the same is true for a lot of you. What I think impresses me the most is the incredible geographic spread of observations, with records from every continent including Antarctica!

The 1000th observation for the project was this amazing eyeless (!) sole, photographed by @cclborneo in Malaysia.

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This project is designed to showcase the first known photographs of living specimens of any species. Note that by 'first known' I'm referring to the first known photographs of a species anywhere, not just the first photographs to be submitted to iNaturalist.

Two types of observation will be included:
1) First photographic records of undescribed ...more ↓

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