Project Update 4: Huge boost in project members + reminder of project requirements

Just wanted to say a warm welcome to all the new project members; with the project currently sitting under 'Featured' on the project page, we've had almost 130 new users join in just a month and a half!

Of course, with more members have come more observations, and amazing photographs continue to flood in. However, there have been quite a lot of observations added to the project that don't fit the requirements. Not a huge deal, but thought I'd take this opportunity just to clarify the project's scope for new members.

  1. Any observations you add must be the first photograph(s) of that species anywhere. If an observation is the first one for that species to be uploaded to iNat, but other photos of that species from an earlier point in time already exist elsewhere online/in print, then that observation should not be added to the project. This is the biggest source of observations that I have to remove from the project. So
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Posted on June 09, 2021 14:03 by thebeachcomber thebeachcomber | 3 comments | Leave a comment
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This project is designed to showcase the first known photographs of living specimens of any species. Note that by 'first known' I'm referring to the first known photographs of a species anywhere, not just the first photographs to be submitted to iNaturalist.

Two types of observation will be included:
1) First photographic records of undescribed ...more ↓

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