Project Update 5: Paper published!

In some great news, the short paper put together by @atronox, @neontetraploid, @gcwarbler and myself has now been accepted and published in the Journal of Insect Conservation. You can check it out at

Since my last update back in June, we've continued to have more and more members join the project, with 932 at the time of writing, so it's great to see so many enthusiastic people involved.

As usual, I'll also take this opportunity to reiterate the project rules/criteria.

  1. Please do not add photographs of dead specimens to the project. Often, observations depicting things such as dead marine species at fish markets or empty
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This project is designed to showcase the first known photographs of living specimens of any species. Note that by 'first known' I'm referring to the first known photographs of a species anywhere, not just the first photographs to be submitted to iNaturalist.

Two types of observation will be included:
1) First photographic records of undescribed species
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