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A good photo is very important for the purpose of having others identify or verify your observation. Try to make sure the plant is in focus and well-lit. Take multiple photos if you can, focusing different characters, eg. leaves, flowers/fruits, whole plant/tree. Turning over one leaf to see the underside is sometimes helpful, as is having a ruler in the photo for scale.

This project has some optional data fields that can be included with each observation and often can't be distinguished from photos. Please include any that you can with your observation!

Prevalence and phenology provide useful ecological data. Growth form and habitat provide additional information that can help with identification.

Finally, the area of camp partitions the camp into different zones for which a separate species list can be generated. Most of these are self-explanatory such as upper tentline, lower tentline, perry hall, orchard, chapel, tennis courts and parking lot. ...more ↓

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Eagle camp is a private family camp in South Hero, VT.

I've been compiling a Flora of Eagle Camp for a number of years, but I'm only there during one or two weeks of the year, so it's slow work. But you can help!

Please take photos of any interesting plants you see on the property, especially if they are in flower and add them along with their location to iNaturalist ...more ↓

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