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Hello AMC iNaturalist community! My name is Madelyn, and I started working with the Appalachian Mountain Club as part of the NPS Scientists in the Parks program. My goal is to challenge the divide between professional scientists in research environments and the ultimate consumers of scientific knowledge, the public. iNaturalist is a fantastic tool for bridging that gap and provides new answers to the questions around who and how scientific knowledge is produced.

I’ve been invested in phenology for as long as I can remember, diligently tracking the bloom of the DC cherry blossoms. Growing up around DC, the stakes of knowing the days of peak bloom were high- it was the difference between enjoying a casual walk and the finding yourself in a throng of tourists. Every year we complained that the trees bloomed earlier, and the traffic was worse. I don’t have any data about the traffic, but there has been a seven-day shift in the date of peak bloom since 1921.

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Please join the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and others in monitoring plants and animals along the Appalachian Trail corridor. All plants and animal observations are welcome and if you add them to iNaturalist they will be available for scientific study. Partners are particularly interested in flowering times in the context of climate change and will review plant and flower submissions to ...more ↓

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