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We know it is hard not to long for mountain trails during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders with the signs of spring popping up every day. However, it is best to stay safe with backyard and walkable nature outings where physical distancing practices are followed. We have some suggested activities you might enjoy from your home.

We presented a recent webinar focused on Northeast alpine research that you can view here: where we included some initial project results at the end. We found that iNaturalist observers catch the earliest flowering times for some alpine species compared to our plot method and the spatial coverage was greatly expanded by volunteers like you! We will be sharing more of our project results soon.

If you know your Red Trillium from your Painted Trillium consider climbing to the top of a ...more ↓

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Please join the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) in documenting flowering times of plants in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF). All plants and animal observations are welcome and if you add them to iNaturalist they will be available for scientific study. AMC is particularly interested in flowering times in the context of climate change and will review plant and flower ...more ↓

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